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Dr. Jill Chasse is an independent public health consultant providing support to individuals, programs and projects across the US and globally through Hygeia Public Health (HPH) and teaches seminars and workshops at Solstice Cafe and Wellness Center.

HPH focuses in the areas of strategy, research & analysis, and development and implementation of programs and services in such areas as women's and reproductive health, maternal and infant health, behavioral health and psychology, infectious diseases, and community health education. 

Dr. Chasse is a member of the Oxford Public Health Global Consultancy. She is a Subject Matter Expert in reducing the risk of birth trauma and postpartum depression, and perinatal psychology.

The ability to successfully have a healthy child and family and thrive in a strong and successful community includes understanding and practicing the values of health equity, cultural competence, and family focus. This begins by:
Hygeia Public Health a division of Magic of Motherhood 

  • Focusing on healthy prenatal physical care, environment and community
  • Learning about your health and your baby's health and development
  • Attending to mental health,emotional encouragement and support

Perinatal Psychology & Public Health
The practice of perinatal psychology is a delicate balance of social, emotional, cognitive and psychological development of the baby before during and just after birth. The experiences of the mother and child during the perinatal period have a profound effect on both their lives.

Perinatal Public Health and Epidemiology focuses on reproductive health issues such as conception and infertility, as well as perinatal issues such as complications of pregnancy, infections in pregnancy, maternal mortality, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and birth defects.
Dr. Jill has worked for Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the US Department of Health and Human Services. She has held classes, workshops, and lectures across the US, including APPPAH at Asilomar in California and at the University of Delaware. 
Her classes have been featured by numerous websites and organizations including “Earth Mama, Angel Baby,” “Birth Hypnosis,” Pregnancy.org, "Babyfit.com," Midwifery Care Associates in OK and The Maternity Center in Bethesda, MD

increases baby's mental and cognitive health and development, as well as healthy attachment and bonding between the mother-baby dyad
decreases health issues and stress and helps to reduce the risk of illness or traumatic experiences, which could have long lasting psychological and physical effects.
increases health literacy and equity, and reduces the social, psychosocial and biologic risk factors for morbidity and mortality
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