Dr. Chasse left Walter Reed to start Hygeia Public Health when moving to NJ after the death of her children's father. Consulting allows her a better work life balance, and gives both her clients and her family focused, dedicated, and enthusiastic attention.  In 2017, she opened up Solstice Cafe and Wellness Center with her boyfriend where she teaches health seminars, classes and workshops. 

As an independent consultant in health improvement and public health with over 20 years experience working in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Chasse is committed to excelence and quality. She has previously been tasked with health impact assessments and health needs assessments to identify solutions to difficult public health challenges as well as the design, implementation, and evaluation of health programs
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 In Roman Mythology, Hygeia was the daughter of Asclepius, 
the god of medicine.

 She was considered the "personification of health" and ruled over wellness, cleanliness and hygiene, 
a term derived from her name.

She was associated with 
preventive medicine, public health 
and community wellness.
Hygeia Public Health
Solstice Cafe and Wellness Center, 446-a River Styx Rd, Hopatcong, NJ  drjilldiana@gmail.com    *    (202) 230-4126