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Join the North Jersey Families Health and Wellness Facebook page! Local community support page for people to share health, wellness and safety related issues that affect our local families and kids. 
Join the Hygeia Public Health Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest health news, learn about current outbreaks, groundbreaking research and health tips!
Join the Facebook Magic of Motherhood page for maternal/perinatal mental health and wellness information, latest news and support. Doula services too!
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Kids Safety Class (with "Make a First Aid Kit"!)

    Kids Safety Class
Kindergarten through Fifth Grade 

 2 hour class for kids that teaches the basic essentials
of first aid and safety.  Included with the cost of
the class are materials to make their very own mini
first aid kit! Great for daycares, summer camps, and Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for their safety badge! 

Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops

Eat Healthy, Be Active
all ages
These community workshops are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.
There are a total of six 1-hour workshops
These are CDC designed  and approved

Fight BAC!
Food safety for kids

 Fight BAC!
       Kindergarten through Third Grade 

 A 2 hour interactive class on food safety through stories, songs, and games. Kids will learn about handwashing, refrigerating food that should be kept cold, rinsing fruits and vegetables before eating, and keeping counters clean.
This is CDC designed  and approved

Managing Stress by Relaxation

Learn strategies to
manage stress and anxiety
all ages

This mindfulness-based seminar is designed to help you better understand anxiety, its causes, and the factors that maintain it. Throughout this seminar you will learn a number of strategies designed to alleviate anxiety in the moment, challenge your anxious thoughts, and change behaviors that maintain your anxiety.
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Each class is for an audience of 5 to 25 people. 
our customers include Midwifery Care Associates, Hopatcong Girl Scouts, Montclair Child Development Center, Solstice Cafe, Birth Options Alliance, and more!