Solstice Cafe Mugs


for a limited time

Your chance to get an awesome 16 OZ reusable HOT drink mug 

Shipping & handling $1.50

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ceramic GIFT mugs
$10 +2.50 shipping

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Large white ceramic mugs with blue Solstice Cafe logo, stuffed with all sorts of goodies!
Tea, magnet, and candy!

single ceramic mugs
$7 +2.00 shipping

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Salad Shaker
$7 +1.50 shipping

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cold travel mug
$2 +1.50 shipping

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plain ceramic blue mug
$5 +2.00 shipping

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If you need to add a few more creative mugs to your collection, look no further because all of these cool, cute, and stylish designs are for sale right now!

 There’s something special about a warm cup of coffee, and nothing beats the convenience of taking that coffee with you in a travel mug when needed. Start everyday off right with a cup of joy, and shop personalized coffee cups and tumbler mugs to help promote Solstice Cafe!

If you pick it up in person, no shipping costs!!

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